Pet Relocation Services

Moving home can be stressful, especially when you have a furry friend to worry about. We can assist with every part of the movement of your pets. Perhaps you have bought a brand new pet from a breeder out of the Other side of the nation, want to receive a pet transported into some series or simply need to spend the family pet on vacation? In addition to road transport we're also able to arrange aviation from specified airports.

We can manage any vet visits needed, and organise The transfer of your own animals to and from the airports that are applicable if needed. Check in and coming of your own pets. Overnight boarding centers are Also available if needed.

Airport Pet Hotels

Many pet owners like traveling with their pets. Occasionally we have to kennel our furry friend since it is not feasible or sensible to take Fido or Fluffy with usespecially if we fly. For the best in luxury and convenience for air travellers, check out among the rising amount of airport pet resorts. Catering into the pet whose owner desires only the maximum quality, yet reasonably priced pet lodging, airport pet resorts are an advanced concept that's increasing in popularity.

Imagine parking your vehicle and dropping your pet off at one convenient place near an airport, and then you're immediately shuttled straight to your terminal. If you return from your journey, you can grab a shuttle back into the pet resort center at any given hour of the night or day. Forget about waiting until the following day to pick your pet up!

Additional Services

Additional Services
Household Pets

We also know that the most significant transport is the motion of a part of your loved ones. That is why we also look after any transport related role of sending your household pet throughout the nation or across the planet. Boarding, Permit Assistance and Veterinary Services are available as required.

Additional Services
Small Animals

Smaller creatures are also a huge challenge whilst transferring them from place to place. Many creatures due to their size or construction are very fragile and can be easily hurt if not managed correctly. We guarantee that each and every possible precaution and care is taken, to ensure any creature in transit will be well cared for from source to arrival.

Additional Services
Large Animals

Large creatures are a specific specialty of the firm. As the chosen shipping firm for the International Rhino Foundation, we've transferred their specimens all around the world. Our team addresses and manages the most complex delivery and logistical details of those colossal moves.

Additional Services
Aquatic Animals and Fish

Sea lifestyle is possibly the toughest kind of transport we're involved with. With twenty decades of hands-on training and experience in these kinds of moves, we've developed a solid background and foundation of knowledge to safely transfer the giants of the sea, or the tiniest of the fry on your tank in the home.

Additional Services

We also offer you worldwide transportation of livestock and horses via scheduled all freight air freighter service or sea or air charters. We can organize all customs and health care services, quarantine facilities and obtain or manufacture pencils for many animal types.

Global Animal Transport helped ship my cat from the US to Sydney. Michael was great and made us feel less worried about this stressful process. Our cat arrived in Melbourne safe & sound, little hassle, and it wasn’t too expensive either

Global Animal Transport recently transported Blossom, an Asian Small Clawed Otter from the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, Tacoma, Washington to the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo. “Blossom is here and settling into her quarantine enclosure. She has already charmed our animal care and quarantine officer with her antics” said Barbara Outerbridge, Animal Registrar at … Continue reading

Global Animal Transport LLC recently transported a female Andean Condor from the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia to the White Oak Conservation Center in Yulee, Florida. Andrew Schumann, the Animal Collection Manager at White Oak Conservation Center said “She seems great, drank water right away, and then started sunning”

A Mom for the 40th Time The world’s oldest known wild bird the Laysan albatross (Phoebastria immutabilis), named Wisdom, is at least 65 years old. Wildlife officials at the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge in Hawaii saw her lay an egg on Nov. 28, 2015, (her 40th) and incubate it for several weeks. The gray … Continue reading

QUESTIONS? Contact us here: REQUEST A QUOTATION here: CALL US TOLL FREE: 866-746-6787 Experienced, Courteous and Knowledgeable Staff Worldwide Office Network Documentary Specialists for all Requirements Worldwide Registered Intermediate Handler for Live Animals Licensed U.S. Customs Brokerage Import or Export Shipping Door-To-Door Foreign and Domestic Service Expedited Ground Transport Specialists for Rabies Free … Continue reading

A cat found in a backgarden in Northern Ireland was traced back to its owners – in Australia. The globe-trotting moggy was presumed to be a stray when it was found in County Armagh earlier this week. But when a Cats Protection volunteer collected the animal and took him to a vet to scan his … Continue reading

The male collie cross – nicknamed Scafell by staff at an animal welfare charity – was discovered by holidaymakers at the summit of Scafell Pike in the Lake District. English police were unable to assist the couple in their quest to find the dog’s owner, so took Scafell to their home in South Ayrshire before … Continue reading

Global Animal Transport LLC recently transported 36 Golden Retriever dogs that were abandoned in the streets of Istanbul, Turkey, and brought them into Atlanta Georgia on a special flight that we arranged. These dogs were rescued by a group known as: Adopt a Golden Atlanta Lauren Genkinger, the founder and head of Adopt a … Continue reading

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Pet Friendly

Here you may discover pet friendly vacation accommodation places, where boarding kennels and catteries are, where to purchase pet products, supplies and food, where you'll discover washing and grooming solutions, somebody to head and walk your pet, and where it is possible to locate a vet if your pet is unwell or is expected to your therapy. There are categories to notify you in which pet friendly dining places can be found, or in which you are able to arrange pet celebrations, or pet funerals if your cherished treasure moves away. Horse riding and all connected with horses is just another characteristic of'Pet Friendly', and the exact same holds for dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, birds, rabbits, cats, farm critters and more.There are 4 types which are FREE for advertisers to pass information about the public and those are:- Pet Friendly Parks and Beaches, Pet Clubs and Associations, Pet Rescue, and Pet Occasions.